Photomontage by Alejandro Delgado

nO-n is an intense agitation of the audible spectrum. A powerful collision of sound particles that configures electro-acoustic spaces filled with tension.

The vehicle that articulates this project is the free improvisation, understood as the constant search of the immediate composition, and this is expressed by a language that is dominated by a deep abstraction.


nO-nseated proposes a reflection on the passion of the artistic experience. The object of this intellectual adventure and space representability.

There are spaces that can be represented as a map that represents a territory, and there are others whose representation would not use the pattern of correspondence, but of the creation, subjectivity and even of the invention. nO-n is headed in the latter direction.



David Paredes: Electric guitar, electronics and objets.

Rafael Pinillos: Electric guitar and electronics.

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