“error!”, the latest Rafael Pinillos' musical work is available on bandcamp.




You can listen it, or even buy and choose the album in different formats, such as: high quality mp3, flac, wav, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.


There is also a Limited Edition of 50 pieces on USB Drive format of this album "error!". This Special Edition of USB Drive contains a multimedia application with videos, photos, text, illustrations, etc.

"error!" is a powerful musical abstraction that searchs for the poetic failure through the induced accident. It´s composed of "conflictos!", which are ideas with different approaches charged with spatial tension and dominated by a deep abstract language. The vehicle that articulates this project is free improvisation, understood as an immediate composition. 

"error!" is an attempt to put into a chaotic order a full array of electronic noises, glitches and other microarticulated parasite sounds generated by oscillators, synthesizers, filters, mixers, loopers and a complex set of electronic devices; as well as an attempt to unleash and control choppy, sloppy, piercing electric guitar lines that spring forth and disappear. There is a use and abuse of amplified surfaces, modified instruments and other objects too. 

This work was recorded between September 2012 and June 2013 at: 

  • Estudio R: “conflicto 15!”, “conflicto 16!”, “conflicto 17!”, “conflicto 23!”, “conflicto 26!”, “conflicto 38!”, “conflicto 97!” y “conflicto 104!” 
  • Estudio J: “conflicto 113!” y “conflicto 121!”. 
  • Equipo Para: “conflicto 72!live” y “conflicto 73!live”. 
  • Music School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: “conflicto 84!”.


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